Irish Bodhran Drum Tippers & Beaters
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African Zebrano Wood O'Connors Irish Celtic Bodhran Drum Tipper Beater Stick

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African Zebrano Wood Irish Celtic Bodhran Tipper Beater stick By O'ConnorsAfrica Zebrano wood. (Microberlinia brazzavillensis) is honey brown heartwood with streaks of black and brown showing the ‘zebra’ stripes.

West African Zebrano wood is very tough and durable, and is often used for objects such as tool handles.

This makes the Zebrano wood perfect for O'Connors Celtic Irish Bodhran Drum Tippers.  Coupled with the durability of the wood these Bodhran Tippers / beaters are striking to look at with the dark contrasting lines.

All O'Connors Irish Bodhran Tippers are made by an Irish Craftsman, not like some imported from the Far East.  They are made with the love of the instrument and the wood at heart.

With a natural Linseed oil and bees wax finish for durability and protection.

Visit O'Connors Bodhran Tipper section to buy this or other O'Connors tippers today.

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