Irish Bodhran Drum Tippers & Beaters
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Glens of Antrim Irish Celtic Blackthorn Bodhran Drum Tipper Beater Stick

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O'Connors Glens of Antrim Blackthorn Irish Celtic Bodhran Tipper Beater Stick

Very popular with our American Customers the O'Connors Glens of Antrim Irish Celtic Bodhran Drum Tipper is made by an O'Connors Irish Craftsman, born in Antrim.  Areas of Blackthorn bark still visible for contrast and style each one is unique and hand crafted.  Blackthorn is a hard and rustic wood and these bodhran tippers reflect the naturally occuring markings of the blackthorn (smoothed of course for your Bodhran).  Due to the exceptionally thorny nature of Blackthorn wood and where it grows in amongst dense brambles and bracken these take a lot of work to collect and work on.  Visit our Bodhran Tipper section for more details.

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