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Coming Soon! O'Connors Irish Blackthorn Walking Sticks / Shillelagh

blackthorn crafted genuine hand Irish made O'Connors Shillelagh stick walking wood

Coming Soon!  O'Connors Irish Blackthorn Walking Sticks / Shillelagh

O'Connors Irish Crafts will soon be listing our own hand made Blackthorn Walking Sticks / Shillelgh.  These Walking sticks are made from Irish Blackthorn by an Irish Craftsman and will not be the touristy type of blackthorn Stick which even on occasion is not genuine blackthorn.

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O'Connors Irish Bodhran Tipper Beater in London Plane Lacewood

beater bodhran celtic drum ireland irish lacewood london O'Connors Plane stick tipper

O'Connors 'Plane' Lacewood Irish Celtic Bodhran tipper beater sticks made from striking Plane Lacewood.  Plain is anything but Plain!  A series of radiating patterns in the grain make this a most attractive Irish Tipper.  Plane wood is hardwearing with similar strength to that of Oak.  So if you are looking for something prectical but beautiful then visit our Bodhran Tipper section for our full range of tippers.  All O'Connors Tippers are made by an Irish Craftsman from Antrim Ireland.

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Africa Zebrano Wood O'Connors Irish Celtic Bodhran Drum Tipper Beater Stick

african beater bodhran celtic drum Irish O'Connors stick tipper wood zebrano

Africa Zebrano wood. (Microberlinia brazzavillensis) is honey brown heartwood with streaks of black and brown showing the ‘zebra’ stripes.West African Zebrano wood is very tough and durable, and is often used for objects such as tool handles. This makes the Zebrano wood perfect for O'Connors Celtic Irish Bodhran Drum Tippers.  Coupled with the durability of the wood these Bodhran Tippers / beaters are striking to look at with the dark contrasting lines. All O'Connors Irish Bodhran Tippers are made by an Irish Craftsman, not like some imported from the Far East.  They are made with the love of the instrument...

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Glens of Antrim Irish Celtic Blackthorn Bodhran Drum Tipper Beater Stick

Antrim beater blackthorn bodhran Celtic drum Glens Irish O'Connors of stick tipper wood

Very popular with our American Customers the O'Connors Glens of Antrim Irish Celtic Bodhran Tipper is made by an O'Connors Irish Craftsman, born in Antrim.  Areas of Blackthorn bark still visible for contrast and style each one is unique and hand crafted.  Blackthorn is a hard and rustic wood and these tippers reflect the naturally occuring markings of the blackthorn (smoothed of course for your Bodhran).  Due to the exceptionally thorny nature of Blackthorn wood and where it grows in amongst dense brambles and bracken these take a lot of work to collect and work on.  Visit our Bodhran Tipper...

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O'Connors Fine Walnut Wood Irish Celtic Bodhran Drum Tipper Beater Stick

Beater Bodhran Celtic drum Irish O'Connors Stick Tipper walnut wood

For a beautiful deep rich walnut wood Irish Bodhran Tipper take a look at our range of O'Connors Bodhran Tippers.  Walnut wood is hard, heavy, and resilient, capable of resisting warping and suffering very little making it ideal for Bodhran Tippers.  All O'Connors Bodhran Tippers are made by an Irish Craftsman, not imported from the Far East like many on offer.  Visit our Tipper Section to see our full range in stock.

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