Irish Bodhran Drum Tippers & Beaters
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O'Connors Irish Celtic Bodhran Drum Tipper Beater Sticks in Bog Oak Bogwood

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O'Connors Irish Celtic Bodhran Drum Tipper Beater Sticks in Bog Oak Bogwood

Here at O'Connors Irish Crafts we are now making Irish Bog Oak / Bogwood Bodhran tippers. 

We feel that whilst playing the traditional Irish Bodhran Drum it adds a further dimension to be holding a piece of ancient Ireland in your hand, who knows, will it actually improve your playing!  We find the dark black bogwood tippers pleasing to look at and they carry a decent weight for a secure fee whilst playing your Irish Celtic Bodhran Drum. 

We obtain this Irish bog oak wood from our reliable suppliers, the age of this wood is approximately 5-6000 years old.

Despite the age of this bogwood, these bodhran tipper beater sticks are remarkably smooth to the touch, they are treated with Danish Oil which gives them a smooth satin feel whilst offering protection to the ancient wood.

All of our Irish Bodhran Drum tipper beaters are made by an Irish Craftsman and Bodhran player so we are sure you will be pleased with them. 

Take a look at our offering of Bodhran tippers, with a large variety we are confident you will find one to suit you.

The Tipper is also known as a cipin in irish.

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