Irish Bodhran Drum Tippers & Beaters
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O'Connors Irish Bodhran Tippers

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The Bodhran is a drum Instrument in Traditional Irish celtic music usually with a goat skin surface.  It can be played with the hand or more often with a Bodhran Tipper which can also be known as a beater or simply stick.  We are proud to be stocking a range of O'Connors Irish Bodhran Drum Tipper Beater Sticks which have various weights, lengths and are constructed from Beech, Cherry, Walnut, Hazel, Ash, Gorse, bog oak, birch and Blackthorn.  Oconnors also do a brush style Bodhran Drum tipper made up of numerous sticks or dowels bound together which has a softer tone and can sometimes be described more as a click sound depending on how it is used.  For a comprehensive range and choice of Bodhran Drum Tippers browse our products today.

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