Irish Celtic Bodhran Tippers, Skellig Hats
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O'Connors Glens of Antrim Irish Blackthorn Bodhran Tipper Beater Drum Stick no.3

O'Connors Glens of Antrim Irish Celtic Bodhran Drum Tipper Beater Stick in Blackthorn no.3


O'Connors Irish Bodhran Tipper Beater - Blackthorn (no3)

O'Connors Irish Bodhran Beater Tipper Stick, made from Glens of Antrim Irish Blackthorn by Irish craftsman.

With a natural Linseed oil and Shellac finish for durability and protection.

Areas of Blackthorn bark still visible for contrast and style.

Length 10" (inches)

Blackthorn is a very hard and thorny wood with many knotted and knarled areas which gives the tipper many varied markings

The Tipper is also known as a cipin irish.

"As I was coming home one day
I met uncle David the other way
Stick in his ass and stone in his belly
if you guess who it is i'll give you a penny."

The above Irish rhyme describes the blackthorn bush, the thorn of the blackthorn as a stick in it's ass, and the pip in the berry as a stone in it's belly. As told by my mother as many rhymes were passed down through the generations.

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